Java Help System

Java Help System 2.0

Java Help System is a system for presenting online information to Java users
2.0.05 (See all)

The JavaHelp system provides developers and authors with a standard, fully featured, easy to use system for presenting online information to Java application users. The JavaHelp system is a Java Platform, Standard Edition ("Java SE") optional package.

The JavaHelp system consists of a fully featured, extensible specification and API, and a reference implementation of that specification and API that is written entirely in the Java programming language. The JavaHelp system reference implementation, based on the Java Foundation Classes (JFC, also known as Swing), provides a standard interface that enables both application developers and authors to add online help to their applications.

The specification and API enable developers to customize and extend the help system to fit the style and requirements of their applications.

The JavaHelp system has been designed to work especially well in a variety of network environments. The JavaHelp system is platform independent and works in all browsers that support the Java platform.

The JavaHelp system enables Java developers to provide online help for:

- Applications (both applet and standalone)
- JavaBeans components
- Applets in HTML pages
- Server-based Java applications

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